DDIA supports dental companies, dental groups, DSOs, and practices by empowering leaders and teams to build a culture of inclusion and beloninging into their operational ecosystem.

Our clients are companies and business leaders who are searching for meaningful ways to improve their inclusion practices and for equity partners who are still coming to understand how DEI strategies affect their dental business.

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Dental Diversity & Inclusion Alliance

I founded Dental Diversity and Inclusion Alliance because many dental groups and companies often lack the resources, experience, or personnel to develop an effective and sustainable DEI strategy that can be incorporated into their company’s ecosystem. I appreciate working with Method because they are impacting the future of dental procurement and meeting the needs of today’s dental workforce with values of efficiency, transparency, and collaboration.

  • Kristine Berry, Founder and Principal of DDIA

When diversity, equity, and inclusion actions are half-backed or underdeveloped strategies are implemented, they often do more harm than good. By partnering with Dental Diversity and Inclusion Alliance, you can give your dental clients an outcome-oriented understanding of DEI and a foundation of actionable interventions- all while creating a triple win.

We offer DEI Assessment and Strategy projects, Trainings, Expert Consulting, and Speaking to help your organization go beyond good vibes and make vision driven, accountable and sustainable progress on achieving DEI.

A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion assessment coupled with findings and recommendations are foundational to your company developing a strategy and implementation plan. No matter where you are on the DEI Continuum, you will be prepared to partner with internal and external resources to guide the implementation of practical DEI interventions with a plan that aligns with your organization’s values, mission, vision, and business pillars.

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