Pamela Meets Stephanie: Automation with a Human Touch

February 9, 2021

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Positive patient experiences and improved profitability don’t happen by accident — they happen by design. As you know, running a successful dental practice requires the synchronization of a myriad of resources. Automation of these resources and fundamental processes bring a host of benefits that can increase service levels, boost practice efficiency, and deliver improved financial results. But Method Procurement goes beyond just automation. Method believes that to successfully implement digital solutions and gain long-term system adoption, you need a human touch. Get the right humans together, and they’ll drive home improvements fast! Pamela Sandstede and Stephanie Tran proved to be just the right humans for a powerful Dassel Dental and Method Procurement collaboration that has both parties smiling.

Pamela is Director of Operations at Dassel Dental, which is comprised of four offices that provide general and cosmetic dental services to the Minnesota area. As Method’s Client Specialist with an extensive change management background, Stephanie is ideally suited to onboard new clients such as Pamela. Together, they’re an explosive duo whose joint efforts and intrinsic knowledge helped to propel implementation of the Method platform and bring immediate benefits to Dassel’s bottom line. “I come from an internal auditing software company, so I was lucky to have a background that afforded me the insight to realize how great Method’s software was and how it could help our practices,” said Pamela. She first learned about Method at the Dental Whale Business Summit and could instantly see the potential benefits for Dassel. Prior to Method’s system, Dassel relied on a manual process managed independently by each location, causing them to lose out on leveraging purchasing volumes to secure better pricing. “I’m a lover of Excel, so the idea of moving to a new system with a huge learning curve was a little scary,” Pamela explained. “But I’m glad to have been proven wrong! Method’s system was designed for the dental industry by people in the industry, and you can tell. The system is easy to use, but it’s their people who have made all the difference. Stephanie has been there for us from the get-go. Her caring attitude and high level of customer service helped ease everyone’s initial worries and made for a smooth onboarding. We were able to get up and running within a week and with one thirty-minute training session! Even better, we saw cost savings straight away.”

In our first full month of having Method implemented, we saved over one thousand dollars at just one of our practices. Multiply that by twelve months, and those are some impressive savings that directly improve our bottom line.”– Pamela Sandstede, Director of Operations, Dassel Dental

Method Procurement is about more than just saving on hard costs through price reductions. By buying the right supplies at the right time, practices can ensure optimum patient service levels, maintain production rates, and avoid costs associated with poor inventory management. Driving better processes also reduces the high costs of inadequate operations and lack of best practices such as unvalidated and inaccurate payment of invoices. According to Pamela, Method allows Dassel to better manage their inventory and, therefore, better manage their purchases. Buying supplies in more reasonable quantities helps to reduce waste and improve cash flow while staying within budget.

“The great thing is, once the system is set up and you have the processes set, you can step back and let someone else take on the day-to-day knowing that you are saving money and making the right decisions for your company,” Pamela said. “We know we’ve only just scratched the surface, and there are so many more cost savings to come,” Pamela continued. “Method values long-term partnerships and ensures we have the support and strategies in place to continue to decrease costs, increase efficiencies, lower our inventories, and improve our cash flow."

As Vice President of Product at Method Procurement, Dan Traub has over 25 years of industry experience. “What we do is automate the administrative side of things and leverage today’s technology to provide you with the visibility and information you need in an easily digestible format so that you can make better-informed decisions for your company,” said Dan, who founded a procurement analytics provider prior to Method.

It’s about innovating in the shoes of our dental clients. Automation should champion the human side of procurement, not dehumanize it.”– Dan Traub, Vice President of Product, Method Procurement

“Method has always understood that automation takes care and attention to detail,” explained Dan. “The more people understand the intricacies of their business and are willing to get in the trenches with us, the farther we’re going to get. Pam and her team have had some great ideas that we were able to bake into the iterations of our software. It’s what I love most about working with them. It’s these types of deeply collaborative partnerships that will allow us to continually improve. And as we improve, so do our clients.”

Dan says that working shoulder-to-shoulder with their client base is Method’s mantra, carried out every day by the entire team. “Method was specifically engineered for the dental industry, and that advantage over generic products will accelerate over time as we delve into our clients' challenges and dig up effective solutions,” said Dan. “Bringing a human touch to automation is our differentiator.

At Method, we believe that people are the backbone of any organization. We’re just here to champion them.”If you’re ready to level up your practice, Method offers several pay-as-you-go subscription options, including self-guided training resources, a customized onboarding plan, phone, email, and chat support. Method also offers financial system integrations, enhanced dashboards, and electronic invoicing.

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