“Most dentists I meet with are transferring away millions of dollars over their lifetime.  One of the biggest areas they are losing money is in their supply purchasing because they do not have a transparent and organized way to see their options.  I love Method because it solves that problem and can potentially put millions back in the doctor’s pockets.” Matt Kennedy

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Dental Impact

Matt Kennedy, owner of Dental Impact, built a financial firm helping business owners and professionals grow their wealth and retire successfully. However, several years ago after a meeting with a group of successful dentists and practice owners, he made a life changing decision and pivoted into the dental industry.

While learning about how a dental practice operates and the strategies to grow its value, he discovered that as a dentist, your first and most important financial engine is your dental practice. For dentists, integrating practice growth into a wealth plan was critical. 

Since then, Matt has coached dentists in practice growth and wealth strategies across the U.S., written several books (including Untapped Wealth and Designing Dental Wealth), and co-hosts The Dental Sherpas Podcast. His mission continues to be helping dentists grow their practice, turn it into wealth, and retire successfully.

Designing Dental Wealth: How to Grow Your Practice and Turn it Into Freedom

Untapped Wealth: How to Use Little Known Strategies to Stop Losing Millions to Banks, Wall Street, and the IRS...and Beat Them at Their Own Game