Method Meets TManagement: Remote Dental Procurement Management with Easy Onboarding, it’s a Powerful Thing.

February 2, 2021

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Powered by Method, ever-growing TManagement is enjoying improved workflows, tighter budget control, and a reduction in dental supply costs, all while gaining the ability to work remotely. “Having all of our spend management in one place that the team can access remotely, at any time, has allowed us to improve how we manage our procurement spend and gain efficiencies, freeing up our people to focus on their core proficiencies. Transitioning to Method has given us the power to work smarter and proactively manage our dental supply purchases, saving us both time and money. It was exactly what we needed when we needed it, and it’s helping to propel our growth.”  says Andrew Tralongo, President of TManagement.

The purchasing of the long list of highly particular dental supplies is no easy task. “Previous to Method we were in a reactive mode, upon noticing a shortage someone would trigger a rush buy for immediate delivery. Reliant on emails, printed quotes, and excel spreadsheets to track a long list of supplies and numerous vendors, the process took forever and yet left no time for negotiating or even price shopping. Not to mention the human error involved would often lead to being off-budget by hundreds and eventually thousands of dollars.” said Andrew Tralongo. “We are experts in dental management; it’s what we DO. Our success relies on finding better ways of doing things, so, in turn, we can help our clients do the same. Dental practices today face a myriad of challenges. Getting more out of every dollar and every minute of your employees’ time is no longer an option. To remain viable and scale your business, you simply must reduce operating expenses, efficiencies and cost savings must be found, and we found the method through Method.”

Andrew has been with TManagement since it’s adoption of Method’s cloud-based spend management solution, and has watched as employees work with Method’s support team, who’s always at the ready. Since then, employees have incorporated Method into their daily work lives. “Whether from an iPad at home or their desktop computer in the office, Methods cloud-based system allows us the flexibility we need to work where and when we need to.” “Suddenly, we have the ability to be more proactive in budget and cash flow management and can evaluate the impact of purchasing requests prior to orders being placed. We can monitor and better control our spending, knowledgeably approve purchase order requests, analyze price, and make sure we buy at the best possible price“. And best of all, we get reminders to do so.”

Methods Amazon-like shopping experience, and people first processes ease adoption. Even those less tech-savvy find the system easy to use. “It’s like a plug and play. It’s relatively easy for our doctors and staff to pick it up and go, without a huge learning curve. And it also saves our team a tremendous amount of time from the assistants who are doing the ordering to the doctors who are making the requests.” “Method’s personalized approach to training makes sure they meet every employee’s specific needs. Customer support is integrated throughout the app with support tickets, live chats, and screen sharing capabilities, giving employees the flexibility to interact with Method however they are comfortable and get answers as quickly as they need. You can take screenshots of the issue you’re having and send it to them for immediate feedback and guidance if you like. The support has been phenomenal, and our employees praise it.”

Method’s award-winning Client Success team understands that regardless of how user-friendly a system may be, integrating new ways of working and layering in best practices takes time. Their first-hand experience and knowledge of the dental industry mean they “get” the realities of working in a dental practice and can offer real-world solutions. Optimizing results for clients requires assisting in the ongoing governance necessary to ensure the full utilization of Methods explicitly designed features. Whether they need to retrain or suggest new processes, Method is there, kind of like an accountability coach, gently nudging you to do the things you need to do to get the results you’re looking for. “There are also weekly calls where we review what we call the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is where we troubleshoot, and really dig into what is and isn’t working, so we can tweak what we’re doing in order to do it better and become more proficient.”

TManagement has over 40 years of experience in making dental practices profitable and helping them scale. They know all too well the unique and complex challenges that dental practices today face. The need for improvements has truly never been greater. Together, Method and TManagement are powerful allies in leveraging new cloud-based technology to advance dental practices, reduce operational expenses, and reach business objectives. Our clients’ dreams are our dreams, and together we remain diligently focused on building the foundational systems that support growth and improve profits. It’s a powerful thing.

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