We partner with healthcare practices to take control of their finances and their future. Our experienced team delivers deep industry insight, strategy, and execution. We match every capability of the world’s largest consulting firms, with one key difference: we treat our clients’ businesses as our own.

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As financial and strategic growth consultants, Skytale partners with DSO and MSO clients to scale and streamline their businesses by building out the organizational infrastructure that allows clients to add additional practices, centralize services, or prepare to go to market.

As a fractional CFO, they use financial analysis to guide their management consulting strategy for healthcare organizations focused on expansion. They provide group dental, DSO, medical spa, and MSO clients the road map they need to grow existing practices, scale through acquisitions or start ups, and position themselves for exit.

Skytale is a leader in the dental space, with an experienced team who understands the industry and how to scale within it. Their dental clients include multi-location practices and DSOs who intend to rapidly grow, usually with an exit in mind. Through a financial lens, they offer dental clients strategic growth consulting and M&A advisory.

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