Complete Visibility and Control Over Your Practice Spend

Unlock the power of data to make informed purchasing decisions and save money.

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Manage Price Creep

End price creep in your supply costs and boost your bottom line. Empower your practice with data-driven insights to optimize spending and maximize profitability.

Stay on Budget

Predict inventory needs and track spending across all locations with advanced analytics. Gain real-time insights to keep every location of your Practice on budget.

Manage Formulary Compliance

Analyze historical purchasing data to gain insights into Formulary compliance across locations and among team members, thereby enhancing support for the practice's clinical and cost-effective product selections.

Negotiation Power

Track and analyze your practices spend volume by product categories to leverage your purchasing power with suppliers and manufacturers.

Cost Avoidance

Stop throwing away money on supplies you don’t need! You can pinpoint waste, over-ordering, and usage inefficiencies to optimize inventory, maximizing cost avoidance and profitability.

Control Satellite Location Buying Behavior

Gain complete control over your satellite locations and their spending so you can optimize budgets, and unlock significant cost saving.

Industry-Leading Analytics Solution

Now you can access cutting-edge analytics that go far beyond basic reporting, offering you advanced features and functionalities.

Deeper insights: Basic reporting provides a high-level overview of your data. Advanced analytics can delve deeper, uncovering patterns and trends that might not be readily apparent. Get real-time budgeting data across all suppliers.

Data-driven decisions: With a deeper understanding of your data, you can make more informed decisions leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and increased profitability.

Improved agility: Advanced analytics can help you identify and respond to changes in your business environment more quickly giving you a competitive advantage.

Customizable Reports

You get a full library of pre-built dashboards along with the capability to customize reports to meet unique business needs, ensuring flexibility and relevance.

Tailored Insights: While pre-built dashboards offer a solid starting point, each practice has distinct goals and requirements. Customizable reports empower you to craft and share reports and dashboards tailored to your specific needs, providing deeper and more meaningful insights.

Flexibility: Practice needs can change over time. With customizable reports, you can easily adjust the reports you generate as your priorities evolve. This ensures you always have access to the data you need to make informed decisions.

Improved Decision-Making: By allowing you to focus on the most relevant data, customizable reports can empower you to make better decisions. You can identify trends, track progress towards goals, and uncover areas for improvement.

Increased Efficiency: Pre-built reports may contain a lot of information that you might not need. Customizable reports allow you to streamline your information-gathering process, saving you time and effort.

Deeper Understanding: By customizing reports to focus on specific areas, you can gain a more nuanced understanding of your data. This can help you identify the root causes of problems and develop more effective solutions.

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We can monitor and better control our spending, knowledgeably approve purchase order requests, analyze prices and make sure we buy at the best posible price.

Andrew Tralongo
President of TManagement

After being with Method for over two years now, when I sit down with my accountant at month-end, it’s nice to see how much our supply percentage has dropped.

Pamela Sandstede
Director of Operations, Dassel Dental

In our first full month of having Method implemented, we saved over one thousand dollars at just one of our practices. Multiply that by 12 months, and those are some impressive savings that directly improve our bottom line.

Dr. Nathan Kuppermande
Founder of NAK Dental Group

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