Improve Your Dental
Practice's Efficiency

Free up your time and focus your team on what’s most important with an efficient procurement process. Method’s platform empowers you to find more hours in your workday, build a better dental practice, and improve your bottom line.

Empower Your Team to Collaborate on Purchases

Empower your team to easily collaborate on purchases. From requesting items to ordering and paying for supplies, everyone stays in the loop. With full transparency, your practice will be empowered to reduce unnecessary, incorrect, and duplicate purchases.

Establish Consistency

Guide your practice in establishing and managing a consistent procurement process, regardless of the supplier. Using a single platform to compare pricing, make purchases, and record receipts cuts down on unnecessary email clutter.

Compare Pricing

Invite suppliers to compete for your business, then let them do the legwork of submitting quotes. Easily track responses, verify quote details, and compare suppliers to select the most competitive offer.

Eliminate Surprises

Accurately track your inventory levels and get reminders when it’s time to replenish your stock. Method allows you to view product availability with a supplier before placing an order and monitor open orders with all suppliers from a single dashboard.

Cut the Payment Hassle

A disciplined, digital payment process allows you to review all invoices for accuracy regardless of the source. Match quantities received with exact charges and automatically check for duplicate payments and other billing inconsistencies to keep suppliers accountable.

Digital procurement adds time to your day

Typical organizations can reduce procurement process costs by 30% through digital transformation.
* The Hackett Group. “Raising the World-Class Bar in Procurement Through Digital Transformation.” August, 2018.

Ready to build a better dental practice?

Method Procurement Technologies gives independent dental practices and DSOs the inventory management and procurement capabilities they need to succeed. With our full, end-to-end solution, ordering dental supplies is straightforward and hassle-free.

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