Unlock the value hidden in your practice’s spend

Drive results to your bottom line with an efficient procurement cycle that allows you to manage your supplies, inventory, purchases, and payments with ease.

How Spend Management Works


Maximize your budget by requesting quotes on dental products, goods, and services from multiple suppliers in a simple process.


Allow multiple users to request products in a single platform and perform a cost analysis to compare and select optimal supplier pricing.


Quickly create and send orders to suppliers automatically, once requests are approved, and track all shipment statuses from a common screen.


Easily record receipts, inspect items for accuracy, and check product condition to verify received supplies match placed orders.


Deliver results to your bottom line with a disciplined payment process that keeps suppliers accountable and prevents fraud, errors, and overpayment.

View and Control

Transform the procurement process with a single platform to order, receive, and pay for products from any supplier for superior visibility and control.

Manage Inventory

Ensure your practice has the right supplies in the right place at the right time with inventory counts, low stock alerts, and streamlined reordering.


Your practice depends on smooth collaboration to work well. Your spend management activities are no different. Method keeps you connected to your team, suppliers, financial systems, and the dental community to efficiently procure all of your practice needs.


Unlock new value from your suppliers with improved visibility of product details, orders, shipments, and invoices.


Collaborate with your entire team and control each person's role in the end-to-end procurement process.


Link with your financial and other systems to reduce time and effort spent on manual data entry and streamline the payment process.


Network with innovators in the dental industry to enhance and implement spend management best practices.


Depend on Method to provide trusted recommendations for building a high-performing procurement process. We know the business drivers behind a successful practice and help each of our clients get the most from their procurement journey. Our mission is to deliver radically improved financial results from an optimized spend management methodology.

Ready to build a better dental practice?

Method Procurement Technologies gives independent dental practices and DSOs the inventory management and procurement capabilities they need to succeed. With our full, end-to-end solution, ordering dental supplies is straightforward and hassle-free.

Learn how Method Procurement's spend management solutions can improve your bottom line. Get in touch with our team today or request a demo to see it for yourself.