Our impetus for starting a GPO over a decade ago came from seeing smaller practices like ours struggle during the sluggish economy. Our efforts to grow Synergy, by bringing in more members and more vendor partners and by offering a diverse range of educational and informational resources, is a result of our mission to preserve and empower independent dental practices. We understand firsthand the challenges clinicians face in running an independent practice and we’re committed to helping.

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Our approach to dental GPOs (group purchasing organizations) stems from firsthand knowledge of the key challenges dentists face in managing their practices. That’s because we’re a group of dentists ourselves. We have the field experience to bring unique value and expertise to a dental purchasing group. As a members-only dental savings network, our mission is to help you save money on dental supplies. We’re here to negotiate on your behalf so that you can focus on your practice and patients while we ensure you get the most competitive pricing possible from top-notch suppliers.

Synergy is more than savings. Our real value rests in our power to help your practice grow and thrive. One of the primary ways we do that is through our collaboration with Method Procurement, a full-featured dental procurement platform. Our partnership with Method puts a powerful tool in the hands of independent dental practices at no extra cost. Using Method’s secure, cloud-based application gives you more insight into — and control over — inventory management across the supply life cycle. With Method, you can place orders and create custom supply lists from over 500,000 SKUs, solicit quotes that require suppliers to compete for your business control approvals by reviewing order costs and requests before placement.

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