Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the prices shown in Method updated in real time?
Yes, the pricing shown is pulled in real-time from suppliers' websites.
Does Method support my custom pricing?
Yes. Method works with each of our suppliers to ensure our clients' negotiated pricing is accurate and up-to-date.
Will my shipping times be affected by ordering through Method?
No. Shipping times are unaffected when you order through Method.
Do I still pay my suppliers direct or will I pay Method for my supplies?
You still pay your suppliers in the same way you do today.
Can I order from suppliers I don’t have an account with in Method?
Yes. Our Request for Quote feature allows you to establish accounts with new suppliers.
Can I see pricing from vendors that I’m not using/don’t have an account with yet in Method?
Yes. Users can see pricing from all suppliers in Method's network.
How can I save money and/or time with Method?
Method users can shop from and order from multiple suppliers at once and helps automate any reporting/tracking you might be doing into a single location.
I get free shipping when I order from my supplier. Will I still have free shipping if I order through Method?
Yes, any negotiated pricing or shipping will remain unaffected when you order through Method.
Do I have to load my suppliers/catalogs/lists of supplies into Method?
No. Unlike many of our competitors, Method works with each of our suppliers to ensure our client's pricing is accurate and up-to-date.
Will I still get my points from my supplier’s loyalty/rewards program if I order through Method?
Yes. Placing your orders through Method will not impact any rewards program you participate in with suppliers.
Can I control what people can see/have access to in Method?
Yes. With Method's 11 different user profiles, Method can be configured to meet the unique needs of each practice, allowing you to set up workflows and configure access based on user role or location.
Can I see an order history of my previous purchases in Method?
Yes, you are able to view any order placed using Method and customize your view by date range.

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