Stop the Procurement Headaches:
Method's Reports & Analytics Deliver Laser Focus

April 1, 2024

Running a dental practice is demanding. Between patient care, scheduling, and staff management, the last thing you need is a procurement nightmare. But lost invoices, disorganized spending, and supplier confusion can quickly turn into a financial black hole. Here at Method, we know your pain. That's why we're revolutionizing dental procurement with our brand new Reports & Analytics feature. Imagine This: No more scrambling for data. No more wondering where your money goes. Method unveils nearly unlimited insights of your practices purchasing, presented in a way that's clear, concise, and actionable.

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Here's How Method's Reports & Analytics Become Your Procurement Go-To

  • Laser Focus on Price Creep: Ever feel like your supply costs are mysteriously rising? Our price-tracking tools expose sneaky price hikes before they devour your profits.
  • Negotiation Leverage: Armed with rock-solid data, you'll be ready to confidently negotiate with suppliers and secure the best deals possible.
  • Budgeting Bliss: Gain complete transparency into your spending patterns. Develop realistic budgets and stay on track month after month.
  • Unleash the Cost-Cutters: Identify areas for savings you never knew existed. Method helps you squeeze every penny out of your procurement budget.
  • Formulary Compliance Made Easy: Ensure you're using the right products for optimal patient care while staying within budget guidelines.
  • Shine a Light on Smart Spending: Promote cost-effective choices within your practice. Motivate your team to make smart decisions.
  • Centralized Control for DSOs: Gain complete oversight of spending across your entire network of satellite locations. Optimize procurement and eliminate inefficiencies.

Beyond Basic Reporting: A User-Friendly BI Powerhouse

Method's Reports & Analytics aren't just pretty charts and graphs. We provide pre-built dashboards for a quick overview, but you can also delve deeper. Our user-friendly interface allows you to:

  • Craft Custom Reports: Go beyond the templates and create in-depth reports that address your specific needs.
  • Become a Data Guru: Method empowers you to take control of your data and unlock its full potential.

Collaboration is Key: Share the Knowledge, Share the Success

Method understands the importance of teamwork. Our reports can be effortlessly exported and automatically delivered to key personnel, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Continuous Improvement: The Key to Long-Term Success

Track key metrics, gather feedback, and refine your procurement strategies based on real data. With Method by your side, you can continuously optimize your processes and achieve long-term financial success.

Stop Procurement Headaches in Their Tracks

Say goodbye to the days of frustration and wasted resources. Method's Reports & Analytics are your one-stop shop for clear, actionable insights that empower intelligent procurement decisions.

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