Purchasing Software- Robust Enough for DSOs

February 21, 2022

As a Dental Service Organization (DSO), you require robust infrastructure capable of supporting practice optimization and growth. Whether you’re a midsized or large DSO, procurement software can help you decrease supply costs, curb rogue spending, and increase practice efficiencies while providing the tools you need to leverage volume and maximize your buying power.For many practices, the procurement process continues to rely on manual entry and approvals, numerous online supplier portals and paper catalogs, forms, invoices, and purchase orders. Orders continue to be placed through phone calls, emails, and even fax machines. The process is a cumbersome one that takes your employees away from taking care of patients and dollars out of your profits.These ineffective manual processes have a high rate of error, hamper smart, strategic buying decisions, and are costing DSOs countless dollars and lost opportunity while leaving them vulnerable to fraud and disruption to production.

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The Benefits of Procurement Software for DSOs

Standardize automated procurement processes, leverage purchasing volume, implement best practices, mitigate risks, and optimize your profitability- across all locations!Leveraging volume with strategic spend managementIf you’re a large or mature DSO, procurement software provides you the complete visibility and control on all spend across locations you need. So you can go ahead and implement formularies, rest assured that negotiated cost savings will result in real, hard cost savings on your bottom line.Automated, time-saving RFQ processes enable you to quickly and easily compare quotes, select vendors and turn quotes into orders that are then automatically placed with vendors.Procurement managers are empowered to analyze and act without the need to ask for reports and data. Procurement data analytics allow you to analyze purchasing trends and behaviors so you can watch out for anomalies, find synergies and gather the data you need for negotiations.It’s everything you need to drive strategic procurement and maximize opportunity for leveraging volume across sites.Safeguard against fraud and errorBy automating the entirety of the purchase-to-payment lifecycle and implementing best practices such as segregation of duties, you can decrease the probability of error and safeguard against fraud—ensuring you pay the price that was committed to for items received in good order.Streamlined e-procurement for operational efficienciesRequesting and analyzing quotes, identifying requirements, supplier selection, entering order requests, order approvals, receiving shipments, and paying invoices—by streamlining the entirety of the procurement process for employees and providing the dental office with the controls they need for effective centralized procurement,Method delivers operational efficiencies, ensuring your practices remain focused on providing quality patient care while improving profitability through advantageous procurement practices. By helping you to implement standard processes, Method also ensures your purchasing processes and practices remain consistent despite any employee turnover.Fast ROIMethod’s superior user experience designed specifically for dentists ensures quick implementation, high adoption rates, and continued usage across your organization, making for a fast Return On Investment (ROI). The system is so easy to use it requires very minimal training, and Method’s customer success team is right there with you, making sure you’re set up for success and stays with you to ensure growth.By walking in partnership, Method will help guide your procurement transformation as you improve your practice. And as the platform was designed for the industry, and its custom-designed features make for an even faster ROI, it doesn’t come with all the costly unneeded features that are standard with legacy systems, making it an affordable platform for all DSOs, regardless of size.Empower better buying decisionsAn Amazon-like shopping experience means your dental team members can easily order all supplies from one platform and quickly make the best buying decision for your business.Easy to use Amazon-like marketplace brings the dental supply market to your fingertips, so your employees can make the best buying decisions for your organization. And your staff will actually want to use it, as it eases the burden of managing inventory, ordering supplies and faxing a copy of packing slips to HQ. All while being robust enough to be the right enterprise solution for even the largest DSOs.Control spendControlling spend across your organization allows you to drive centralized, procurement, enjoy benefits of scale, more efficient use of resources, implement formularies and drive cost reductions.Method’s approval process allows you to monitor spend against budget, reviewing and approving or declining orders before they occur, across locations. By simplifying collaboration across your team, the approval process helps you to reduce unnecessary, incorrect and duplicate purchases, improving cash flow and mitigating the risk of waste from expired, damaged, or lost items.By monitoring every order against budget and knowing the dollar value of what you have on order and outstanding to pay, you can ensure you stay on track and avoid overspending, all while monitoring orders against budget, and curbing rogue spend.

  • Mobile Approval – Coming Soon!Review and take action on requests via email from any mobile device.
  • Partial ApprovalDecline certain items on a request while approving the others.
  • Rapid Auto-OrderGenerate and send purchase orders to suppliers automatically upon approval. No delays, no mistakes.
  • Decline ReasonsSelect a reason for a declined request, or write your own, and return to the submitter.
  • Full OverviewAvoid expensive mistakes by viewing the full details of each request including quotes, specifications, billing method, and a cost analysis prior to purchase.
  • CollaborationEasily collaborate with team members by viewing comments, quotes, purchase notes, and attachments related to each request.

Improved spend management requires collaborative efforts, full visibility of documents and data. To help you better manage your spend with informed buying decisions, Method guides your purchasing process, allowing you to easily view the insights and details you need.Keeping you connected to your team, suppliers, financial systems, and the dental community to efficiently procure all of your practice needs, Method offers full transparency, so everyone stays in the loop and no requests are lost or forgotten.Rapid RequestQuickly and easily create new requests from prior orders, inventory, or catalogs. Method auto-fills product details to minimize manual entries and save time.CollaborationAnnotate requests using notes and attachments, both internally with your team and externally with suppliers.Linked DocumentsView all of the documents related to a request, including orders, receipts, invoices, and payments.Complete VisibilityTrack the status of all requests from a common screen to see what has been approved and ordered.History LogReview an audit trail of each request from beginning to end to see the full story behind every purchase.DraftsSave in-process requests while details are finalized before submitting them to your team for approval.

Method: What DSOs Need in a Purchasing Software

Method Procurement gives dental practices and DSOs the spend management capabilities they need to run an effective practice, so they can scale, profitably.With our full, end-to-end inventory and order management, and a superior user experience, ordering dental supplies is straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring continued usage throughout your organization- so you can gain control of spend and leverage your purchasing volumes for realized cost savings and improved profits.Ready to start saving?Learn how Method Procurement's spend management solutions can improve your bottom line. Get in touch with our team today or request a demo to see it for yourself.

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Method Procurement Technologies gives independent dental practices and DSOs the inventory management and procurement capabilities they need to succeed. With our full, end-to-end solution, ordering dental supplies is straightforward and hassle-free.

Learn how Method Procurement's spend management solutions can improve your bottom line. Get in touch with our team today or request a demo to see it for yourself.