Inventory Management for Orthodontists

September 30, 2021

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Organizing your orthodontic practice inventory is necessary as your practice grows. With accurate inventory management, your office team ensures you have the right materials at the right time and keeps your supplies on hand. Manage your dental supplies better when you work with Method Procurement Technologies.

Stay Organized Every Step of the Way

Method cuts down the time you spend on manual inventory by allowing you to manage, track and reorder your stock automatically. When you invest in Method software, we will cover every step of the inventory process.

Manage Your Dental Stock List

Method's catalog of over half a million unique dental products lets you quickly update your inventory without manually inputting every product you purchase. Barcode scanning functionality lets you quickly manage your smaller items.

Stop Shortages and Overstocks

Understocking and overstocking negatively impact your practice's bottom line. Method prevents waste, saves space and helps you organize your stock for easy access to your supplies.

Reorder With Ease

Method sends you notifications as your stock decreases to ensure that you always have time to reorder your most important supplies straight from specialty manufacturers. With a catalog of more than half a million items, reordering is lightning fast.

Receive and Store

Receiving and storing can be a time-consuming process. Method speeds it up by ensuring an accurate product count before moving your order to its designated storage area so your stock list is up-to-date.

Method Inventory Management for Orthodontists Features

Method Procurement comes with all the comprehensive features necessary to streamline, optimize and strengthen your inventory management practices.

Real-Time Insights

Method gives you real-time access to current order information, pending receipts and current stock for your dental practice's inventory.

Streamlined Ordering

With Method, you can reorder your supplies from a list of your current inventory and ensure that you always have the most critical items. Many of our orthodontic products are shipped directly from specialty manufacturers.

Extensive Catalog

Method's database and catalog hold over 500,000 unique dental products and gives your access to thousands of products right at your fingertips. Find the most competitive prices and quality with the power of our extensive medical product catalog.

Flexible Product Search

See which dental and medical supplies you have in stock at each of your practices by searching for item description, manufacturer, category and additional criteria.

Stock Level Optimization

Use your stock data to determine whether you're buying too much or too little of the products you use every day. With Method, you'll always have the right amount of brackets, wires and cement.

Inventory Analysis and Reporting

Method automatically provides you with analytical reports of your frequently used items, value, discrepancies and low stock items.

Role-Based Access Controls

You can now provide role-based access to your staff by practice location, responsibilities or purchase amounts.

Automated Ordering

With Method, you can automatically generate and send purchase orders to your dental suppliers based on your previous usage. You can order your supplies from any orthodontic supplier with ease.

Save Money With Method Inventory Management Software for Orthodontists

Method inventory management software saves you time and money so your practice can get back to serving your patients. Our software saves you money in the following ways:

  • Prevents product-related procedure rescheduling: When your patients count on you to bring their smile to life, the last thing you want is to reschedule their appointment. Method prevents inventory oversight and eliminates opportunities for lost income.
  • Reduces the likelihood of user-caused errors: Manual processes can lead to devasting oversights that reduce your patient's quality of care and your practice's income. Maintain healthy spending practices and keep your inventory stocked with inventory management.
  • Give your staff back their time: With Method inventory management software, your staff will spend less time manually tracking your practice's stock and focus on improving patient care.
  • Limit capital tied up in deadstock: Method's inventory analysis helps your practice understand its spending habits so you can create more effective budgeting and ordering decisions. You can use these features for reducing and eliminating deadstock and redistributing funds.
  • Lower shipping and expediting costs: When you're running low on inventory, rush orders costs can impact your income. Method minimizes shipping costs by staying on top of your stock and preventing unexpected expenses.

Ready to Optimize Your Inventory Management?

Method Procurement optimizes dental practice inventory management and helps your practice reach its full potential. With real-time insights, inventory reporting and automated ordering, your staff will have more time to assist you and your patients.Learn more about Method Procurement's inventory management solutions by reaching out and scheduling a demo. Contact us online today and see the difference Method can make for you.

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Ready to build a better dental practice?

Method Procurement Technologies gives independent dental practices and DSOs the inventory management and procurement capabilities they need to succeed. With our full, end-to-end solution, ordering dental supplies is straightforward and hassle-free.

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