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November 4, 2021

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Procurement is having a moment. As companies worldwide feel the effects of the global pandemic and experience rapidly declining profits, they’re turning to procurement to help drive out costs and improve profits. The dental industry is no exception, which is why we’re offering a limited-time offer on our essentials package, so you can get up and on your way to improved profitability now.

Why is procurement such a big deal? Look at it this way: For every dollar that you save in procurement, you would need to generate nearly three dollars ($2.94) in production revenue to net the same improvement to your bottom line.Additionally, procurement transformation can bring about a 30% reduction in process costs.Purchasing the supplies your dental practice requires to run is not an option. So why not do so in a way that saves your practice money and saves your employees headaches, allowing you to better serve your patients and scale profitably?

Lowering Dental Supply Costs

The running of your dental practice requires a long list of supplies, the management of which is highly cumbersome and overwhelming to deal with, which is why Method was specifically designed with the dental industry’s needs in mind.Designed to bring everything you need to purchase your dental supplies, faster, and smarter for improved profitability and increased efficiencies to your fingertips, Method helps mitigate the risks of stockouts while making life easier on your employees.Streamlined processes leverage automation and big tech to do all the hard work for you, empowering your employees with the information and easy ways of working they need to make the best purchasing decisions for your company. Essentially, Method allows you to buy everything you need, quickly, and cheaply.

The Essentials; A Procurement Kickoff with Fast ROI, Getting You on the Road to Improved profitably, now

They say the best place to start is where you are. The Essentials package is everything you need, so you can do just that.Ideal for practices who are just beginning their procurement journey or even just learning about what procurement is (better, smarter purchasing that saves you money and mitigates risk), Method’s Essentials package will get you up and going on your way to improved profits quickly and easily. It’s everything you need- and nothing you don’t.Method’s platform is easy to use, much like shopping on Amazon, but with even more built-in flexibility so you can shop smart and fast across a product catalog of 700,000+ items and 2,000+ dental-specific suppliers. It’s the industry's most comprehensive cross-match of dental products, including private label items.Compare market pricing across a catalog, or request a quote and perhaps receive more competitive pricing based on your volume requirements. Whether you choose to order all your requirements from your favorite supplier or save every penny you can by ordering each item from the lowest cost supplier, our Essentials package provides you the tools you need to deliver savings to your bottom line.For a limited time, we’re cutting the Essentials Plan from $129/month/location to $69/month/location, making it even easier for you to:

  • View pricing and product details across a product catalog of 700,000+ items
  • Efficiently order anything from any supplier
  • Request and compare pricing from multiple authorized dealers, including web, negotiated, group, or DSO pricing
  • Organize custom product lists
  • Understand your purchasing with dashboard and reporting
  • Gain tighter control over spend and monitor against budget
  • Enhance existing relationships with dental supplier account managers through streamlined, electronic tools that ease communication and information sharing

An electronic procurement program allows you to streamline processes and build efficiencies while maximizing results. Simply put, digital methods uncomplicate the complicated, making it easy for you to make strategic cost-saving purchasing decisions, leaving less room for error and more time for you to focus on doing what you do best- taking care of patients.Fill out our form to request a demo, and one of our client success managers will reach out.

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