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Dr. Hunter Weber - Dental Solutions of Central Park How An Independent Practice is Saving Over $900 A Month Since Joining Method

Summary of Highlights

Averaging over $900 in savings per month on supply costs 

Reduced time spent comparing prices across multiple supplier sites

Easy to manage all orders through a single platform 

We had a short demo and said “Yeah, this makes sense for us.” We were actually a little skeptical at first about whether or not this was too good to be true.

Dr. Hunter Weber

Situational Overview

Dental Solutions of Central Park is a single-location, independently owned practice in Aurora, CO, just outside of Denver. It is owned and run by Dr. Hunter Weber and his father, Dr. Blake Weber. Using procurement software to comparison-shop and save money on supplies was not something they had ever considered until they joined Synergy Dental Partners, a Charlotte, NC-based Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) with over 2900 members. Through Synergy’s partnership with Method, Dr. Hunter became aware of how using an e-procurement platform could potentially help his practice reduce what they were spending on supplies.


Running a single-location practice has its own unique set of challenges. While Aurora is a populous suburb of Denver, the patient population is still limited by geography. Attracting new patients and retaining existing patients requires regular investments in marketing, purchasing new equipment, and hiring and training staff. In addition to identifying ways to increase production revenue, Dental Solutions wanted to explore opportunities to decrease costs and improve their overall profit margins. They also were interested in alleviating some of the pressure their staff was feeling by implementing more efficient processes in the office.

Our primary interest was in saving money but we also wanted to get everything on the same platform. Before, we were ordering from just a couple of different vendors and having to go to their independent sites to do that, which took up a lot of time.


Drs. Weber decided to join Synergy Dental Partners to advise them on cost-cutting strategies across their practice spectrum. Through Synergy, they were introduced to Method. Initially, they were most attracted to Method’s cost comparison tool, which makes it easy to see what different suppliers charge for the same products and select the best price. They had been primarily ordering all supplies through a single supplier because of how time-consuming it was to have to look up pricing across multiple sites, but they knew they were likely overpaying a lot of the time. Once the office staff responsible for ordering supplies got up to speed, they realized they were not only saving hundreds of dollars every month but being able to place all the orders through a single platform was saving them a ton of time and headaches.

We were a little bit worried about our relationship with our primary supplier who always helped us out with doing repairs on equipment and maintenance, but we haven’t had any issues there, which is great!


Dental Solutions started using Method for all their supply ordering in February 2023. To date,  they have averaged a monthly saving on supply costs of over $900 and are projected to save over $10,000 in their first full year working with Method.

When we first signed up, we thought we might save a little bit but we weren’t sure of how big of a difference it was going to be. After the first couple of months, I did some rough calculations on my own but didn’t have a definitive figure. Then Sean sent me the analysis that showed exactly what we saved, and we were like, wow, this is pretty dang good!